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About Me

Hi, I'm Eber!

As a content creator, I take high-quality photos and videos of products ranging from laptops, and smartphones to computer hardware. And all I want to do is better my craft to incorporate portraits, weddings, and most importantly CARS. 

Let’s pay a visit to 10-year-old Eber, shall we? I was (obsessed) with all things tech. From picking apart broken cellphones and computers to creating prototypes of satellites out of Pringles cans, I’d make my own world with things lying around my home in India. A plastic plate for a steering wheel. An Empty body spray can for a gear stick. And the mindset of a Grand Prix racer. And the fascination never stopped. 

There is something special about capturing emotions to exploring different cultures and traditions and connecting them with stills. My first real gig outside of tech was to lead a Family Portraits Session as part of a Fundraising campaign at my Parish and throughout that process, I realized how much fun and creative I could get with compositions and lighting. It sparked an interest in portraits and events I'd like to explore. I also love set design and showcasing products in their best shape.

I know...I'm kind of all over the place but I see that as a good thing because switching things up every now and then helps me push my creativity and I always strive to achieve the best results for whomever I work with. 

Let's connect!

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